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How Ready, Set, Rally Benefits the Providers
peopleblue Attract new tennis players from the fitness audience.
teamblue Earn more revenue with adults in your current programs.

Group lessons create more private lessons and referrals.

USTA NorCal says

quote  We’re excited to offer a new program for providers, including a suite of new resources, that’s created for the sole purpose of bringing new audiences to the tennis courts...
Alison Vidal, Manager, Community Development & Partnerships

quote  Ready, Set, Rally is a fun, easy way to give tennis a try, rallying with friends in no time. We hope that you will soon join us in the Adult League program and experience the camaraderie of playing tennis as part of a team...
Tamara Ramos, Manager, Adult Leagues

What is Ready, Set, Rally?


Featuring a new introductory program for tennis newbies, and a new USTA NorCal supported program for providers to use to reach into new audiences to make new tennis players!


Ready, Set, Rally! is a brand new USTA NorCal program created for tennis instructors to offer participants a first step in the adult pathway leading to a lifetime of tennis enjoyment.



This program uses the “Play Tennis Fast” format, which provides a fast, active and dynamic introduction to playing tennis with a “play to learn” model using modified equipment for the beginning player. The 6 week session course offers learning and practice time in each lesson so players can confidently move to the next level with each session.
Players learn to serve, rally, score, and by the end of the sixth week, can play the game and refine their skills with the green ball on a full-sized court.



After completing this program, players will be able to progress to any and all of the

following tennis activities:

  • USTA NorCal Try Team Tennis
  • USTA NorCal 1-Day Tournaments
  • USTA Adult League
  • Play Recreationally with Friends & Family

Introduction to the Game

  • Warm Up
  • Groundstroke Rally
  • Volley's
  • Overheads
  • Serve
  • Serve and Return 

Keeping the Ball in Play

  • Warm Up
  • Consistency in a Baseline Rally
  • Moving the Ball in a Baseline Rally
  • Court Positions and Point Play

Moving Your Opponent

  • ...In a Baseline Rally
  • ...With Serve and Return
  • ...With Serve and Return II.

Play from the Net in Singles

  • Warm Up, Identify Point of Contact
  • Learning Proper Shot Selection
  • Learning Doubles Movement
  • Doubles Play

Learning to Play from the Net in Doubles

  • Warm Up: Footwork & Point of Contact
  • Develop Depth When Rallying
  • Learning the Complete Volley
  • Volleying Stratgey for Doubles

Playing Singles & Doubles Using Different Game Situations

  • Warm Up
  • Consistency Game
  • Call Your Shot
  • And One
  • Dink
  • Bump Up Rally

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