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Read the descriptions below for the Coaching Education Workshops and Certifications offered by USTA. 

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Coach Youth Tennis Certification Courses

USTA launched an educational curriculum program, “Coach Youth Tennis” to improve the quality and standards of teaching tennis to kids and enhance the long-term development of children in the sport. The program consists of a series of online courses and a hands-on workshop introducing participants to the fundamentals required for success in working with children ages 10 and under.

The USTA worked in collaboration with the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR), the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA), and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), in developing the curriculum, which serves as a pathway to Tennis Professional Certification through the PTR and USPTA certification programs. Beginning in 2014, all individuals who want to become a certified teaching professional will need to complete the “Coach Youth Tennis” curriculum.  Visit for more information.

H.I.T.S. Coaches Training Workshops

H.I.T.S. is a low-cost, 6-8 week tennis program for kids 10 and under that incorporates the fundamentals of a team sport with life skills enrichment.  With support from the USTA NorCal, H.I.T.S. is a fun and easy program that includes training and resources to run a tennis program at your tennis courts, blacktop or indoor gym.

Tennis can teach many great life lessons while on the court, but more important than the fundamentals of tennis, H.I.T.S. focuses on growing a child's core values as well as the athlete.  Incorporate H.I.T.S. into your PE, after school or sports curriculum by attending a H.I.T.S. coaching workshops or contact your local USTA NorCal Tennis Service Representative for assistance.

H.I.T.S. – Red Ball JTT Workshops

Just like the introductory H.I.T.S. program, H.I.T.S. – Red Ball Junior Team Tennis can be run anywhere kids can play tennis, including through programs at clubs, Parks and Recreation facilities, community centers, afterschool programs, etc. Kids will be put on teams within the program so they can experience the team tennis experience at a level they are comfortable playing as they continue to grow their skills.

For more information on H.I.T.S. Red Ball JTT, please click here.

To register for H.I.T.S. Red Ball JTT Workshops, please click here.

School Tennis Workshops

USTA’s School Tennis Workshops are intended for school PE teachers, coaches, and organizers responsible for implementing fitness programs in school and after-school settings.

• We come to you – 3 hour workshops take place at your school at a time that’s convenient for you.
• Workshops train PE teachers and coaches to develop a youth tennis program at your school.
• All necessary equipment is provided
• The training is free (The only cost is a $35 fee for a USTA Organizational School Membership).
• USTA provides a qualified school trainer to conduct the workshop.
• No courts required.
• No previous tennis experience necessary.
• Effectively offer PE with tennis sized right for age and ability.
• A minimum of 12 participants and 2 schools/sites are required.

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All host School Tennis Workshop sites will receive the following FREE resources:

AFTER the workshop you will receive a tennis equipment package, consisting of the following:

• 30 youth racquets
• 2 dozen foam balls
• 2 dozen red felt balls
• 1 Eighteen foot pop-up net

PRIOR to the workshop you will receive:

• 1 USTA Backpack
• 1 USTA Physical Ed teacher’s Curriculum Kit
• 1 Quick-reference pocket guide
• 1 Instructional DVD/CD ROM
• 1 Tennis Skillastics Kit (a $225 value)\
• 1 Set of Tennis and Fitness laminated activity signs
1 Kids Tennis Club (KTC) Playbook
• 1 Kids Tennis Club Pocket Playbook

In addition to the packages mentioned above, USTA NorCal offers three Special Packages for just $100! ($400 value)

18 racquets, 3 dozen balls and one 18 ft. net.

PLUS a USTA representative specific to your area will help you with resources and information to continue growing tennis at your school or site.

NorCal High Performance Coaching

Approximately 40 USTA Certified High Performance Coaches are located in Northern California.  The USTA NorCal Coaches Commission facilitates the network of coaches and programs, training a continuous wave of juniors in alignment with the USTA Teaching and Training Philosophy. Read More

USTA High Performance Coaching Program & Certification

USTA Player Development established a Coaching Education Department to provide coaches throughout the country with a Teaching and Coaching Philosophy and methodology that will enhance their teaching and training efforts, and provide them with a vehicle for transmitting their knowledge to today’s junior players and tomorrow’s Champions. Apply Here


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