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Adult Open Level Tournament Online Schedule

In addition to Junior Tournaments, kids may enter the Adult Open tournaments.  This level generally attracts the most advanced, competitive adult players.

USTA NorCal Family Tournament Online Schedule

In addition to Junior Tournaments, kids can play doubles at Family Tournaments with mom, dad, their sibling or even their grand-parent! 

USTA National Tournaments

Each year the USTA sanctions five different types of national tournaments designed for not only the top level juniors in the country, but also those who have achieved some success in their Sectional Association and desire to enter tournaments where they can play juniors from other parts of the country. 

Tournament Assistance Grants (TAG)

The Tournament Assistance Grant provides economically disadvantaged players with a discount on tournament entry fees. Approved Applicants are eligible to receive a refund equivalent to 50% of an entry fee for up to eight (8) USTA NorCal sanctioned tournaments in a calendar year (January 1-December 31).

Junior Performance Award Program

The USTA NorCal Junior Performance Award Program provides the top USTA NorCal players with $250 performance awards to compete in USTA National Championships. Up to $16,000 will be awarded annually to eligible players (up to 16 awards per USTA National Championship, and up to 64 total awards per year). 

Additional Grants and Funding

The USTA Northern California Tennis Foundation, the USTA Serves and USTA offer stipends, Diversity and Inclusion grants, performance and incentive awards.


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