2017 Sanctioning Process and Information

Thank you for your interest in hosting a USTA NorCal tournament. To help you as a potential applicant for a USTA NorCal tournament, we have prepared a set of informational documents. It is important that you review all of the relevant sanctioning materials before applying for a tournament. The documents are as follows:

  1. Timeline for Applying for a 2017 USTA NorCal Sanctioned Tournament
  2. USTA NorCal Tournament Sanction Rules
  3. 2017 USTA NorCal Junior Sanction Date Blocks
  4. 2017 USTA NorCal Sanction Instructions for Junior Tournament Sanctions
  5. 2017 USTA NorCal Junior Tournament Descriptions
  6. 2017 USTA NorCal SAT and ACT Avoidance Policy for Junior Tournaments
  7. 2017 USTA NorCal Schedule and Court Requirement
  8. USTA NorCal Sanctioning Guidelines
  9. USTA NorCal Tournament Site Permission Letter

Applicants are required to complete the USTA NorCal Sanction Application Form and submit site permission letter(s) by the deadline. Only those sanction applications that are approved will be required to fill out the USTA Online Sanction Form. Please submit one USTA NorCal Sanction Application Form for each tournament bid.

Should you have any questions regarding the sanctioning process please email You may also contact Tommy Tu at (510) 263-0447 or Michelle Wilson at (510) 263-0446.


Preliminary Approved Tournaments

2017 Adult  Preliminary Approved Tournaments  >

2017 Junior Preliminary Approved Tournaments >

2017 Junior Preliminary Orange Green Tournaments Schedule >

2017 NorCal Sanction Decision Appeal Form >

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Please submit a tournament acceptance letter form for each approved sanction that you are accepting and return it back to the USTA NorCal office within 21 days. Fax to the attention of Michelle Wilson for Adult Tournaments or Tommy Tu for Junior Tournaments at (510) 748-7377 or email to

If you wish to appeal a decision of the USTA NorCal Sanction & Schedule Committee, you must complete the 2017 Sanction Decision Appeal Form and send it in to the USTA NorCal Office within 21 days of notice. Your appeal may be rejected or dismissed if you fail to properly complete the 2016 Sanction Decision Appeal Form.


What is a Tournament Director?


The tournament director's main job is to oversee the general operations of the tournament. Some of the basic list of duties include: implementing the policies and rules of the tournament; interacting with the person overseeing the facilities; coordinating event finances; and overseeing registration, draws, scheduling, communication, promotion, marketing, and participation.

Being a tournament director can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as long as you have the tools and information necessary to run a successful tournament.


Tournament Director Workshop Schedule

New Tournament Directors of a USTA NorCal Sanctioned Adult or Junior tournament must attend a Tournament Directors Workshop prior to their first tournament.

Returning Tournament Directors who have served as tournament director at USTA NorCal sanctioned tournaments for 3 or more years and have not had any infractions or probations in the previous year may attend a tournament director workshop once every 3 years. Tournament directors who receive an infraction and/or probation must attend a tournament director workshop the following year.

Tournament Director Workshop
Date: April 14, 2017
Location: USTA NorCal Office



If you are looking to become a tournament director, then you are at the right place.

To apply to host a tournament in 2017, complete the sanctioning process by the deadline below. The 2017 Adult and Junior Tournament Primary sanctioning period was from August 16-September 15, 2016. Following the primary sanctioning period, the USTA NorCal Sanction and Schedule Committee will be reviewing tournaments quarterly as set forth below:

Quarterly Application Deadline Will Be Considered On or Before
November 1 December 1
February 1 March 1
May 1 June 1
August 1 September1

Before the primary sanctioning period and before each quarterly deadline, a tournament director workshop will be held at the USTA NorCal office:

Workshop Date Quarterly Application Date
January 25 February 1
April 18 May 1
August 15 August 1

Direct questions regarding the application process to >


Levels of Tournaments


There are many different types and levels of tournaments. Below is a list of tournament levels that USTA NorCal offers.

  • Orange Ball
  • Green Ball
  • Challenger
  • Open
  • UTR Round Robin
  • Championships
  • Super Series
  • Excellence
  • Sectional
  • Senior
  • NTRP
  • Open
  • One Day
  • Wheelchair
  • Family


Sanction Rules for USTA NorCal Tournaments

Review the sanction rules to learn about what is required from Member Organizations and Tournament Directors to host a tournament before submitting a sanction application.

View Tournament Sanction Rules >


Tournament & Sportsmanship Rules

Understanding the tournament and sportsmanship rules is a crucial aspect for a successful tournament.

Tournament Rules and Friend at Court (FAC) >

Organization Members may order a FREE copy of FAC >

Sportsmanship Point Penalty Suspension System >

Code Violation Report Form >

Orange / Green Ball Tournament >

Youth Progression System (new for players 10 and Under) >

Adult Open and Senior Tournament Seeding Rules and Coordinators >


Additional Junior Tournament Information

2017 Jr. Tournament Date Blocks >

2017 Jr. Tournaments Sanction Instructions >

2017 Jr. Tournament Descriptions >

2017 Jr. Tournament Schedule of Play & Minimum Tournament Requirements >


Online USTA NorCal Sanction Application

USTA NorCal Sanction Application >





Acceptance Letter

View Document >


Tournament Site Authorization Letter

View Document >


Certificate of Insurance

A certificate of insurance is required for each approved sanction holder. Sanction holder will procure and maintain through the sanction period, at the sanction holder's expense, Commercial General Liability Insurance including spectator and participant liability from a company or companies licensed to do business in the state of California.  The policy must be in the minimum amount of at least $1,000,000 each occurrence for Bodily Injury and Property Damage.  USTA NorCal shall be named an Additional Insured on the Commercial General Liability policy at no cost to USTA NorCal.



Written Referee Confirmation

View Document >

If you need help securing a referee for your tournament, please contact Chris Wilson at


Timeline for Planning and Managing  a Tournament

View Timeline >


Tournament Improvement Program

In order to complete the Tournament Improvement Program without penalty, a Tournament Director must accurately complete the online Pre-Tournament Checklist prior to the entries opening date and complete the Post Tournament Report within seven days of the competition of the Tournament.

Tournament Improvement Guide >



Copying a Sanction Form >

Entering Base Fees for Different Types of Tournaments on One Sanction Form >

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