NorCal Mixed 55 & Over

Mixed 55 & Over League Moved to January 2018

NorCal Mixed 55 & Over League

Created to better align participants with players their own age, this league falls into the new USTA age restructuring program for leagues. As a NorCal program, this league culminates in a Section Championship.
League Information

Ratings: Match data from this league will only be used toward Year-End Rating calculations if no other leagues are played.

Age Requirement: Players must reach age 55 by the end of the calendar year.

Rounds of Competition: Local Season, Playoffs, and Section Championships
Important League Dates
Team Registration Playing Season Local League Playoffs Sectional Championship
Nov. 13 - Dec. 10, 2017 Jan. 8 - Mar. 18, 2018 

Players may join a team
any time during the
local league season.
TBD 2018
TBD 2018
USTA NorCal Adult Leagues Mixed 55 USTA NorCal Adult Leagues Mixed 55
League Format
NTRP Combined Levels Highest Rating Allowed Find a 2017 Team & Join Team Match Format
6.0 3.5 Mixed 6.0 3 Mixed Doubles Matches (for all levels)
7.0 4.0 Mixed 7.0
8.0 4.5 Mixed 8.0
9.0 5.0 Mixed 9.0
  • Total NTRP rating cannot exceed level of team. For example, the possible make-up of a 7.0 team could be 3.5/3.5 or 3.0/4.0
  • The maximum rating for 6.0 is 3.5; 7.0 is 4.0; 8.0 is 4.5; 9.0 is 5.0.
  • The rating spread between partners may not exceed 1.0
Post Season Event Fee

There is a $90 registration fee per team to participate in the District and/or Sectional Championships for Mixed 55 & Over league.
USTA NorCal Adult Leagues Mixed 55
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