What is a Grievance?

A grievance is an official complaint submitted by a captain to NorCal and adjudicated by a committee of volunteers. There are two main types of grievances, general (rules and sportsmanship) and NTRP (ratings). Grievances are the last resort when captains cannot agree about a situation. Only a captain or co-captain may file a grievance.  

Grievances are serious matters, and can foster resentment that harms the league program, so the decision to file must be considered carefully. USTA NorCal requires that captains or co-captains call the adult leagues department to discuss the situation prior to filing any grievance (510-748-7373).



General Grievances
Any grievance, other than an NTRP Grievance, contending that a player, captain, and/or team has violated a Friend at Court (including “The Code”) or USTA League Regulation. Refer to ULR 3.00
Used for rules violations, eligibility, and sportsmanship issues
Completed matches will usually stand as played 
“He-said/she-said” issues will generally not be settled in a grievance
Poor manners and rudeness are not necessarily violations of the rules or subject to grievance
The committee normally expects evidence that the captains have tried to resolve the situation prior to filing a grievance
No charge to file



NTRP (Rating) Grievances
Any grievance contending that a self-rated* player is playing at a lower NTRP level than his/her actual skill level. Refer to ULR 3.03E 
Can only be filed against a player with an “S” rating. Cannot be filed against “C” or “A” rated players
Ratings data is the primary criterion when determining if a player is “clearly out of level.” Other factors can include incorrect answers or omitted information on the self-rating questionnaire
Refer to the "Protocol for Filing a Self-Rate Grievance" for guidelines as to what constitutes a valid NTRP grievance
Matches may or may not be overturned depending on the date of the decision from the NTRP committee
Filing fee of $50 per player (due before grievance is adjudicated; check will be shredded if grievance is granted)

*All self-rated players are also subject to the Three-Strikes NTRP Dynamic Disqualification Process. USTA NorCal typically allows time for the NTRP system to identify players playing clearly out of level before filing a grievance.

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