Adult Leagues


Playing on a team makes tennis more fun!  Over 30,000 people play USTA Northern California League Tennis each year. Leagues are offered for players of all ages and ability and are a fun and healthy way to meet new friends; Tennis is a sport you can enjoy for a lifetime. 


You can get started in six easy steps:

1. Become a USTA Member

In order to join a USTA league team, you must be a member of the USTA. League tennis is just one of the many benefits of USTA membership. As a member you will be able to play on USTA NorCal league teams, compete in USTA sanctioned tournaments and you will receive discounts on Flex League play. Click here for more information on USTA Membership options.

2. Get a NTRP Rating

Teams and matches are organized according to the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP). The NTRP insures that all of your opponents will be at your skill level keeping the competition fun and exciting and the atmosphere social. Read detailed information on ratings.

Most players joining USTA league teams for the first time wonder "How do I get a rating?" and "What level team should I sign up for?"

Unrated players must self-rate on the National USTA website before signing up for a team. We have guidelines to help you determine your rating based on your tennis ability and sports background. The process consists of a series of questions which when answered by you, will provide you a minimum rating.  You have the option to select a higher rating based on your knowledge of your ability.  You may try to appeal your rating, which might prompt you to fill out an appeal form. Click here for complete instructions on how to self-rate.

Please be aware that it takes about three business days for your self-rating to display on the USTA NorCal website. At that time you can sign up for a team at your NTRP rating level and/or one level above your rating level.

3. Find Your Team and Get Connected Today

You can join a team any time during the local league season. A complete list of current teams can be found on the team listings page. Click on the team level you’re interested in to see all teams from that level. You can sort the list by area by clicking on “Area” on the top blue tool bar. Contact captains on your own as described in Step 4. or email Get Connected today to let our dedicated staff help you get connected.

4. Get the Captain's Permission to Join

Once you have found a team or two that interest you, click on the team name. You will transfer onto the team's page where you will find a link on the left side of this page to email the captain.  Ask if more players are needed. You must have the captain's permission before joining teams.  We also have volunteers called local area coordinators who can be very helpful to players looking for teams.

5. Register on a Team

If you have the captain’s permission to join the team, go to the team page again and click on “Player Registration” in the dark blue tool bar in the center right of the page. This will guide you through the registration process. Please have a credit card ready.

6. Start Playing

Welcome to USTA Leagues! You are all set and can now start playing in Adult Leagues, compete in USTA sanctioned tournaments, meet new players and have fun on the court.

Additional League Opportunities

Attend an Adult Play Day

Play days are local events designed for the novice and beginning adult player.  Offered at various locations all over Northern California, they are organized by the local USTA NorCal Tennis Service Representatives (TSRs).  Play Days are often hosted in partnership with local clubs or tennis association.

The goal of the Adult Play Day is to introduce new players to the sport and connect them with other beginning level players. USTA NorCal TSRs will provide information on joining the Adult Leagues program and locating coaches and teaching professionals.

Play Days vary with regards to duration, cost and amenities provided. But you can be sure that each will offer fresh air, exercise, new friends, food, drinks, and lots of tennis - join us for a great day!  Find Adult Play Days on our NorCalendar or search our online registration.


Attend an Adult Play Day

You can start your own league team and be captain! USTA NorCal welcomes new captains and provides support and resources to insure that it's a positive experience.  We offer Captain Workshops, online captain tools and our League Directory will give you all the information you need to know to get going. 


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