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Dan Mulville

USTA Northern California
Adult League Coordinator
(510) 263-0444

What is Get Connected?

USTA NorCal is very excited to introduce “Get Connected,” a new service to help connect new USTA members and players with captains for upcoming seasons. We are determined to get more players into the game, and help those new to the NorCal family become an active part of Adult Leagues. 

Players: Find A Team With Get Connected

Dan Mulville, the Get Connected Adult Leagues Coordinator, is working closely with facilities and captains throughout Northern California to create an interconnected network of teams and players. This network will help find the perfect match for your interests in Adult Leagues and teams in your area.

Send an email to to Get Connected today!

Captains: Complete Your Team's Roster With Get Connected

Get Connected is actively reaching out to new USTA players of all levels, ages and genders, to create a large pool of prospective players for your team. Below are two options to find players:

Mark your team as "looking", under Captain's Tools/Update Team Info, to notify players that your team is searching for new team members.

Send an email to to let us help you find more players.

Do It Yourself: Get Connected This Season In 4 Easy Steps!

In addition to emailing Dan, you can email the team captains directly as well.

Choose the league you are interested in here
Click on "area" in the column headings to sort the list by area
Click on the team you'd like to contact
Click on "Send an email" below the captain's name
Teams with this Looking  icon have indicated that they are open to new players. You may email any
captain, but we recommend starting with teams with this icon.

Not sure which area you're in? Here's a map with the rough outlines of our districts.

The Club of Get Connected Captains

Each season, qualifying captains who included 3 or more new USTA members on their team will be awarded with Get Connected Captain's pin as a thank you for their dedication and support for Adult Leagues. These captains are a vital asset in helping USTA Northern California grow the sport of tennis and help new members become an active part of Adult Leagues.

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