History of the USTA NorCal Hall of Fame
The Northern California Hall of Fame was founded in 1974 by Elmer Griffin.  A retired investment banker, Elmer started two clubs in his career, including the Beverly Hills Country Club.  He was the youngest of three brothers.  His oldest brother, Peck, went on to fame as Bill Johnston's doubles partner, and Mervyn, who, although he was a fine tennis player in his own right, is now best remembered for his son, Merv. Jr., the television mogul.
Elmer had taken great care in asking around NorCal to see if there was enough interest in a hall for him to secure the sponsorship of the USTA Northern California section.  USTA NorCal has handled the operation ever since.  An induction committee annually nominates and selects the inductees.
The first class of inductees totaled 31 was the Hall's biggest ever.  It included Don Budge, Helen Wills Moody Roark, Helen Jacobs, Alice Marble and Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman.  The Hall of Fame held enshrinement ceremonies in 1974, 1976, 1977 and 1979, inducting a total of 56 individuals.
After Elmer's death in 1980 the Hall of Fame was discontinued until then Executive Director, Peter Herb resurrected it in 1991.  As of 2013, there are 147 individuals who have been honored for their accomplishments as players or for their contributions to the game off the court in Northern California.  USTA NorCal Tennis Hall of Fame members
For 12 years, the enshrinement ceremony has been held in July, during the Bank of the West Classic WTA tournament on the Stanford University campus.
A Hall of Fame wall, which includes plaques commemorating the members has been established in the USTA Northern California Section office at 1920 North Loop Road in Alameda.
Members of USTA NorCal Hall of Fame
Susan Anawalt, 2005
Matt Anger, 2005
*Ethel Burkhardt Arnold, 1974
Jeff Arons, 2006
*Helen Baker,1974
*Wallace J. Bates, 1976
*Ken Beer, 1991
*Richard Bennett, 1979
Lisbeth Blum, 2008
Jeff Borowiak,1998
Frank Brennan, 1994
Betty Brink, 2000
Jan Brogan, 2007
*Norm Brooks, 1991
*Thomas P. Brown, Jr., 1976
*Warren Brown, 1994
*+J. Donald Budge, 1974
Peter Burwash, 2010
Margie Campbell, 2010
*Nick Carter, 1993
+Rosemary Casals, 1991
*Ray Casey, 1979
Phil Cello, 2013
*Edward G. Chandler, 1974
Tom Chivington, 2001
Arlene Cohen, 2001
Gordon Collins, 2005
Betty Cookson, 1997
Marty Davis, 2010
*Willis E. Davis , 1974
*Hunter Delatour, 1991
Dori deVries, 2004
*Jerry Diamond, 1995
Hugh Ditzler, 1999
Larry Dodge, 2016
Martha Downing, 2012
*+Margaret E. Osborne duPont, 1974
*Fred A. Earle, Jr.,1977
Tom Edlefsen, 2002

*Virginia Wolfenden Edwards, 1976
Mark Fairchilds, 2008
Wayne Ferreira, 2015
*Elia Fottrell, 1974
John Frank, 2016
Lise Frank, 2007
Jack Frost, 2004
Don Gale, 1997
*John C. Gardiner, 1977
*Carlton R. Gardiner, 1974
Linda Gates, 2009
June Gay, 1996
Brad Gilbert, 2001
Dan Goldie, 2009
Dick Gould, 1992
Jim Grabb, 2006
*+Clarence J. "Peck" Griffin, 1974
*++Elmer J. Griffin, 1979
*Mervyn Griffin, Sr., 1974
*Golda Meyer Gross, 1976
Bob Hansen, 2003
*Samuel Hardy, 1974
*Sumner Hardy, 1974
Robert Harman, 1977
*Anna McCune Harper, 1974
Peanut Louie Harper, 2000
Jean Harris, 2010
Ann Kiyomura Hayashi, 1996
Peter Herb, 2000
Charles Hoeveler, 2002
*Cranston W. Holman, 1979
Greg Holmes, 2007
*William H. Hoogs, Jr., 1979
Tracy Houk, 2006
*Larry Huebner, 2011
*Joseph R. Hunt, 1974
*+Helen Hull Jacobs, 1974
Bill Jacobson, 2015
Don Jacobus, 1998
*Edith Cross Jensen, 1976
Donald J. Johnson, 2004*
*+William M. Johnston, 1974
Barbara Jordan, 2006
Kathy Jordan, 1997
*Howard Kinsey, 1974
*Robert Kinsey, 1974
Dorothy Head Knode, 1977
*Frank J. Kovacs II, 1976
*Butch Krikorian, 1997
Kate Latham, 1999
*+Arthur Larsen, 1974
Gary Lee, 2009
Harry Likas, 2008
*Melville H. Long,1974
Marcelyn Louie, 1993
Helen Wong Lum, 1996
*Barry MacKay, 1991
*Mark Manning, 2013
*Ned Mansfield, 2001
*+Alice Marble, 1974
*William A. Marcus, 1979
+Ceci Martinez, 2016
*Sidney R. Marvin, 1974
Elaine Mason, 1998
Sandy Mayer, 1996
Clif Mayne, 1999*
Bill Maze, 2014
Patty Fendick-McCain, 2005
Meredith McGrath, 2011
*+Maurice E. McLoughlin,1974
*Jim McManus, 1994
Matt Mitchell, 2015
*James Moffet, 1974
Alycia Moulton, 2004
Martin Mulligan, 2016
*John Murio, 1976
*R. Lindley Murray, 1974
*Paul A. Newton, 1979
Edgar Osgood, 1999
Jared Palmer, 2013
Whitney Reed, 1991
*George Rice, 1992
*+Helen Wills Roark, 1974
*Roland Roberts, 1974
Ken Robinson, 2007
*John Charles Rohlfs, 1995
Lynne Rolley, 2008
Nick Saviano, 2012
*Robert Seller, 1976
*Richard O. Simon, 1974
William G. Simons, 2003
*Frank Smith, 1977
Larry Stefanki, 2011
Steve Stefanki, 2016
*Tom Stow, 1977
*John R. Strachan, 1974
*Gerald Stratford, 1977
*Alex Swetka, 1995
*Liu Shang-Ku Tao, 1999
*Eleanor Tennant, 1974
Patricia Canning Todd, 1976
Dennis Van der Meer, 1993
Erik van Dillen, 1992
Joan Vormbaum, 2003
Bob Walsh, 2014
Sharon Walsh, 1998
Butch Walts, 2000
Marianne Werdel, 2015
*Mimi Arnold Wheeler, 1977
Robin White, 2003
*+Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman, 1974
Jane Albert Willens, 1979
Peter Wright, 2015
Susan Mehmedbasich Wright, 2014
*Joe Woolfson, 1993
*Henry "H.K." Wong, 1992
*  Deceased
+ These Northern California players are also inducted in the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, R.I.
Elmer Griffin was the original founder and President of the Northern California Tennis Hall of Fame.
Updated August 8, 2016
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